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Roose by Malix99 Roose :iconmalix99:Malix99 5 21
Zoey y Jane parte 1: Una propuesta humillante
Jane estaba aburrida, no tenía a nadie con quien hablar y mucho menos con quien pasar el día. La soledad y el aburrimiento son los peores de tormentos, al menos eso es lo que ella pensaba antes de sufrir lo de ese día. Jane se sentó en el sofá de su casa decidiendo que ver o que jugar, le gustaban los videojuegos pero ya los había jugado todos, todas las películas que tenía las había visto cuando las compró, se sabía las canciones de todos CD de música junto con la que portaba en su celular. Se podría decir que ella no tenía muchas opciones en cuanto a entretenimiento, tal vez podría ver la tele pero los programas que emiten no son de su agrado. Finalmente se acomodó en el sillón y se puso a ver la tele, la puso en Cartoon Network para ver las caricaturas del momento que se ha estado perdiendo en los últimos años.
Zoey estaba en camino, con una idea bastante interesante que mostrarle a Jane,
:iconmalix99:Malix99 1 35
Shiro and Lana Part 1 (Collab)
shiro was walking through the halls of the school she just moved to waving at people and smiling, she then stumbled upon Lana, who wasnt having any of it. She smiles at lana.
Shiro: "Hello there, I'm shiro what's your name?"
She looks at her somewhat mad at Shiro.
Lana: "I am Lana"
Shiro: "Nice to meet you, I'm new here, would you like to be friends?"
Lana: "I am not anyones friend" she responded.
Shiro: "That's not right, I'll be your friend then" she smiles
Lana: "I dont think you understand, I dont want to be friends with you!"
she jumps a bit "but everyone needs a friend, so I'll be yours, no questions asked"
Lana looks at her weird.
Lana: "uh ok?"
"good, so now we're friends" shiro smiles.
Lana: "I guess"
"yay!" shiro cheers and hugs her, Lana blushes.
Lana: "Hey what are you doing?"
Shiro moves back "I gave you a hug, friends do that"
Lana: "Well, thats gay"
Lana: "That's not a very nice word, and is not, at my old school me and my friends love to hug each other"
Lana: "Well, you
:iconmalix99:Malix99 1 0
Humiliation University Part 1 (Collab)
Yellow She-Hulk grunted nervously as she walked into school, it being her first day, everyone looked at her weird.
"What?" Yellow She-Hulk asked a nearby student, confused.
"Well, its just that you are new here" the student said, her name was Mary, she was a redheaded girl wearing a skirt and the optional uniform the college provides.
"Ohhhhhh. Well, nice to meet you!" Yellow She-Hulk smiled.
Unfortunately for Yellow She-Huk, her belt had been stolen on her way in, and it was now her pants fell down, exposing her Pinkie Pie granny panties. Everyone then laughs at her for her choice of undies. Yellow She-Hulk blushed deeply and attempted to pull up her pants, unintentionally waving her ass around, giving anyone a perfect wedgie oppurtunity. Mary went behind her and grabbed her panties preparing them for the wedgie "Are you ready?" she asked.
"R-Ready for what?" Yellow She-Hulk trembled fearfully. She looked behind her, putting two and two together.
"Please! N-Not a w-wedgieeeeee!" She b
:iconmalix99:Malix99 15 1
Day of the Living Clothes part 2
He followed his clothes and they entered a school near by, this school was only for girls and Mark knew this, he stopped and tried to figure out a way to get in, get his clothes and then leave without being seen. This was going to be really difficult as there was always someone in the hallways, whether it was a teacher or a student it didnt really matter, he would be in real trouble if anyone sees him like that in an all girl school.
Mark entered the place by opening a window, he walked through the hall in his underwear looking for his now living clothes. He heard some voices coming from a classroom door near him and he hide in a locker, two girls came out of the classroom and started talking, one of the girls opened the locker next to him and the second girl standed infront of her locker where Mark was hiding, she tried to open it but Mark was pulling the door from the inside, the girl became worried and told her friend, they were both pulling really hard and so was Mark, he pulled th
:iconmalix99:Malix99 9 4
Day of the Living clothes: Part 1
Mark was really shy, he almost never talked to people, a real antisocial. Mark is a young man with dark hair, he's thin and somewhat cute. He likes to spend his time alone in his room with his computer or maybe talk to the few friends he has online, hes too shy to talk to people in real life, but he isnt afraid of people behind a computer.
Mark's city was kind of a mess, it was really poluted, the reason for that is that his city became the place where many companies throw away their radioactive material, this material is often in plain sight, since the city's mayor is either too poor to get better containers or too apathetic to even care.
This story takes place in what seemed to be a normal day for Mark but became a real nightmare for him.
The morning was pretty normal, it wasnt much different than the other days. Mark woke up, had some breakfast, he put on a white shirt, jeans and a pair of tighty whities and went to work in the grocery store his uncle owns. "What a horrible day" Mar
:iconmalix99:Malix99 11 24
Night of the shark doodle by Malix99 Night of the shark doodle :iconmalix99:Malix99 4 9 Nerdy girl wedgie - Calzon chino a nerd by Malix99 Nerdy girl wedgie - Calzon chino a nerd :iconmalix99:Malix99 15 81 Utirr Monster from the red planet by Malix99 Utirr Monster from the red planet :iconmalix99:Malix99 2 6
Sisterly Blush Episode 1: Shiro's embarrassment
Shiro Amari is a teenager who likes anime, her purple hoodie and white skirt with a pair of pink panties with hearts on them and matching bra, and her glasses. She has a sister, Jennifer, who is a very different girl, she listen to rock, metal and other edgy stuff. She likes horror and obscure gothic art. She likes picking on her sister and to humiliate her. She usually wears cute underpants in contrast to her dark appearance.
This is just another day in their lives.
Shiro wakes up and looks in her bag for the homework she spent all night working on "Jennifer" was all shiro said before marching to her sisters room and banging on the door, but Jennifer cant listen to her since she's wearing headphones, she's listening to her favorite Metal album. Shiro opens the door and storms over to her sister mad and pulls off her head phones.
"Hey!, what the hell?!! you little dork." Jennifer said angrily.
"I'm not a dork, now where is the homework I spent all night on!!" shiro yelled.
Jennifer: "W
:iconmalix99:Malix99 19 2
Women Behind Bars Episode 6: Returning to friends
After a while, the guard comes to the cell.
Guard: "Your time here is over Shiro, time for you to get back to your cell"
Shiro gets up and goes to the guard "What about lina?"
The Guard comes close to Shiro and says to her ear: "Dont worry about her, your friend convinced me to let her stay with you two for the rest of the day"
"Thank you so much" shiro hugs the guard and the guard blushes.
Guard: "Its ok, now stop it before anyone sees us"
Shiro let's go "Sorry"
Guard: "Come on, lets go"
Shiro follows the guard and they get to her cell.
"Thanks, guard" shiro walks into her cell.
"No problem" she says as she closes the cell.
Shiro turns around and lets out a sigh "That was bad"
Laura: "Oh poor Shiro"
Shiro looks up and see Laura "hey" shiro falls due to still being tired.
Laura puts her in the bed.
Laura: "What did she did to you? and where are your underpants?"
Shiro blushes and covers her face "Sarah ripped them off"
Lina: "Oh yeah, she did that to me too, it hurts like hell"
:iconmalix99:Malix99 1 0
Women behind Bars Episode 5: The Wicked Sarah
Shiro walks to cell A23 "um hello Sarah"
"Hi" Sarah said, she was a really big woman, muscular and tough.
Shiro started to shake after seeing Sarah "I-i'm your new cellmate for a while"
Sarah: "What happened to the other dork?"
Shiro: "lina is in my old cell"
Sarah: "hehe that loser couldnt take much, she was weak"
Shiro gets a bit upset "Dont talk about her like that"
Sarah: "But its the truth, anyway, I have a new toy now"
"She's kind and nice so...DON'T TREAT HER LIKE SHE'S A TOY!!" shiro yells in anger.
Sarah: "Looks like my new toy its a very angry girl"
Shiro: "No I'm not, I just hate bullies"
Sarah: "Well, you are going to hate me then"
Sarah then walked towards Shiro and grabbed her, Shiro got suprised by Sarah grabbing her but didn't want to look scared "I already do"
Sarah: "I am gonna have some fun with you"
Shiro: "Do your worst I have lived with people like you for years"
Sarah: "Lets start soft"
Sarah then gave Shiro a painful noogie.
Shiro tried to get Sarah away from he
:iconmalix99:Malix99 5 2
Doodle: The Monsters From Hell by Malix99 Doodle: The Monsters From Hell :iconmalix99:Malix99 1 0
Women Behind Bars Episode 4: The bribe
Shiro: "Alright Laura let's try and get this to work ok, Lina don't worry about me either ok"
Lina: "I trust you, thanks"
Shiro: "Anything for a friend. So Laura, how could we bribe a guard or whoever to get me in Lina's cell for a while?"
Laura: "Money always works"
Shiro: "but how would we get money" shiro looked confused.
Laura: "Sleeping with other prisioners maybe" Laura said jokingly.
Shiro got flustered "I-is there any other way?"
Laura: "Maybe by selling stuff"
Shiro: "like what?, we don't have much of anything to sell"
Laura: "You are right, I cant come up with anything else"
"What if I.... sleep with a guard?" shiro looked down blushing as she said that.
Laura: "I wont let you do that, I will do it"
Shiro: "Are you sure?, I'm willing to do it for lina"
Laura: "I will take care of it"
"ok thank you, Laura" shiro hugged Laura.
Laura: "Anything for my little Shiro"
Shiro blushes a bit at the sound of the nickname "heh thanks"
Laura winks at her and goes looking for a guard.
A gu
:iconmalix99:Malix99 4 1
Women Behind Bars Episode 3: New as well
Shiro looks at the girl and starts to head over to her "He-hello there"
shiro sits down with the girl "M-my names shiro"
"uummm Hi Shiro" the girl says very nervous.
"So um, what's your name" shiro was also clearly nervous.
"oh sorry, I am Lina, nice to meet you" the newbie said.
Shiro: "Hello lina, I was wondering, how are things so far with you and your cellmate?"
"Not very good, she often teases me and picks on me" Lina said.
Shiro: "I'm sorry, would you like to talk about it"
Lina: "Sure, why not"
Laura notices that Shiro is talking to the girl and walks towards them.
"Hi girls, watcha doing?"
Shiro looks over "oh hey Laura, this is Lina she was just telling me about her relationship with her cellmate"
Lina: "Yeah, is not very good"
"Continue please" shiro wanted to know.
Laura: "Sure, I am interested"
Lina: "Well, she behaves like a bully, you know."
Shiro tensed up a bit "I think I know what you mean"
"You do?" Lina asked.
Shiro: "I have been around bullies alot in my life, so he
:iconmalix99:Malix99 3 0
Mature content
Women Behind Bars Episode 2: Hugs and kisses :iconmalix99:Malix99 4 0


January 21 by sasionstrife
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I draw just for fun.
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I am always open for a request, just be sure to have the specifics of what you want, if not it will depend on me, but please keep it simple, I am still an amateur.

Please, feel free to comment on anyone of my drawings, I would really apreciate it.
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